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The Music Player for Kids, from 3 to 8

Create your kid's favorite record collection, then let them play by themselves.

Help bubble.
See all the albums you’ve added to your ‘kidzik’ playlist.
Current song title.
Colored songs of the current album,
1 ring = 1 song.
Current album artwork.


So simple and intuitive, your child can listen to his albums alone, browse songs and change the order of the albums. No need to read!


A colorful animated design made for kids along with an innovative system displays chained songs.
Your child browses songs with one finger and grasps durations at a glance!


Your child sees only his music. All other music from your library is out of sight. No unfortunate removal!

  1. How it works

    Once in KidZik, slide the top worm, you'll see all albums you’ve selected in the 'kidzik' playlist.

    To listen to an album, tap it or drag it onto the apple. A worm will show up wrapped around the album, showing all songs in different colors.

    Select a song by taping on a colored ring or scroll the song titles on the worm located at the bottom of the screen.

KidZik is a brand new and innovative app, totally different from existing apps.
One more reason to try it!
KidZik is a free app limited to three albums. The full version is available as an in-app
purchase for $ 1.79 (launch promotional offer).

This app is completely ad free and does not collect any private data.